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Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct


Selfless giving

There are three basic necessities to everyone:

  1. Shelter
  2. Food and Water
  3. Clothing

While ArtKids Foundation runs projects on the above listed necessities eg. Food On Table Project, Advises on Pre-Fab Accommodations (EPS) as well as Igbo-Made Cloths and Shoes Promotion; ArtKids Foundation believes on the provision of a lasting solution based on the popular Chinese saying which says:

“Give food to a child and feed him for a day; give him/her knowledge to feed him/her all his/her life.”

ArtKids method of charity is designed with lasting solution in Mind.


How do we do it?

On behalf of the realization of the hereby mention goals ArtKids Foundation performs fund raising activities, whereby (groups of ) private persons as well as institutions and companies are offered the opportunity to either incidentally or periodically donate to ArtKids Foundation or to funds registered to ArtKids Foundation. Additionally fund raising exists of submitting project financing by means of or made possible by private person funds benefiting charitably projects and initiatives of ArtKids Foundations and the funds registered to ArtKids Foundation. Applying for subsidies and approaching sponsors for activities, initiatives, events and projects.

Al platforms, projects en activities are designed to carry the potential to be completely self-sustaining in the long term. Ultimately ArtKids Foundation wants to be in the position to be able to provide funding for initiatives of other organizations.

Furthermore our creativity centers are available to be rent by third parties.

Compensation model

What does it pay?

More information will follow… Do you want to know more? Please feel free to contact us


Where does it go to?

The board is under supervision of the treasurer who checks the financial administration and supervises responsible spending and minimizes expenses. ArtKids minimizes expenses in the following manners:

  • As much as possible work with donated, recycled and loan for use means.
  • Create as less as possible expenses which are not directly covered by a project or platform.
  • Work with volunteers, interns and an active board.
  • Co-operate with third parties on a “no cure, no pay” or commission basis, whereby costs only arise after the co-operations revenue.
  • Work from as cheap as possible locations when it comes to direct costs, energy bills other additional costs and travel expenses. Preferably through vacancy management or loan of use locations.
  • As much as possible keep knowledge and experience in-house to minimize expenses for expertise.

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