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We are not religious we appreciate facts

We as Stichting ArtKids Foundation are not religious and do not wish to be identify with any single one of them. The over accentuated war for religious (world)domination is a saddening real-life Hollywood-drama which we DO NOT partake in, and of which the sacrificial victims do not end up in the ending credits. We know that the Truth is in the middle, and the source of all religions can be traced back to one single collective history; the history of the Ancient People or Ndi’gbo, known now as the Negroe or Yah’shara’ala in ancient circles. We therefore look for engagement funded on these peace bringing truths. We do not dread our obligation to speak out against unrighteousness and lies. Though the lie has been ruling the earth for centuries, only the Truth shall set mankind free.

Life is a gift guarded by moral laws

We are convinced that life can be distilled to it’s core essence. To appreciate life man needs both purpose, goals and direction in the world we live in. 10 moral laws are able to guard the life and well being for everybody and everything on earth. 10 rules whom not only empower relations between mankind, but also our individual relationship with Creation (Mother Earth) and the Spiritual Source of Creation, the Creator. We do not believe in Coincidence as the glue that keeps our world together. We experience that the world around us exists because of truth, love, creativity and respect for all that is. Life is the biggest gift of all gifts, of which gratefulness can only be shown through committing to at least 10 moral laws.

The 10 moral laws applied by ArtKids

  1. Nothing is more important than Truth. It is the source of life, love and creativity.
  2. Truth is impossible to capture in an Image or single Physical representation. Worshiping this image is the beginning of Madness.
  3. In Ndi’gbo culture truth is known by the name Ya’huwah ~ Ala, a name that may not be misused. The name represents the sacred marriage between the sacred masculine energy and the sacred feminine energy, whom oversee us all and make life possible.
  4. Remember the original naturel rithme for workdays & restdays in harmony with nature, as was given to Ndi’gbo ancestry since the beginning of their creation.
  5. Remember to respect your father & mother, even if they do not respect you.
  6. Life is sacred, you are not allowed to murder.
  7. Dedication and trust is the mortar of all relations, do not leave it out, or destroy it.
  8. Stealing is forbidden, even in a suite and tie or in the name of politics.
  9. Lying is forbidden, white lies and poli(tr)ics are considered lies.
  10. Do not desire another mans possession, it will never lead to happiness.

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