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An Eco- / Cultural Restoration Project

Natural Heritage Restorations - Ohia Restoration

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An Eco- / Cultural Restoration Project

Natural Heritage Restorations - Ohia Restoration


Greetings to my people of Owerre-Nkworji and welcome to yet another beautiful day.

Ekele diri Chi’Ukwu Okike Gbo.

After conducting a copious inspection and witnessing the heart-warming commissioning of Ohia Owerre-Nkworji Restoration Project, ArtKids Foundation Holland deems it necessary to keep the people of Owerre-Nkworji adequately informed, updated and involved.

Let’s introduce the various phases of Ohia Owerre-Nkworji Restoration Project implementation.


  • Inspection: Led by Eze’s cabinet members on the 3rd of April 2024, ArtKids envoy Mr. Ezri D. Harmusial was shown around and introduced to Ohia Owerre-Nkworji so as to access the present condition of Owerre-Nkworji’s only spring water. Ohia. The inspection was professionally video recorded for documentation sake.

  • Commissioning: On the 13th of April 2024, HRH. Eze Boniface Unogu (Ishigbo I) of Owerre-Nkworji and his cabinet members visited and honoured Ohia Owerre-Nkworji which was followed by the commissioning of the project as he authorised ArtKids Foundation Holland to genuinely and unconditionally restore the glories and values of Ohia Owerre-Nkworji Stream. This event was not only video-recorded but was also Drone-captured. Using drone, ArtKids Foundation Holland was able to capture a global view of Ohia Stream and her environs.

  • Approval by ArtKids Foundation Holland: Indeed, the present condition of Ohia Owerre-Nkworji serves as a determinant of whether or not ArtKids Foundation Holland would indulge in the proposed restoration of Ohia stream for the people of Owerre-Nkworji. The dilapidated condition of Ohia Owerre-Nkworji notwithstanding, ArtKids Foundation Holland has solidified it’s commitment toward making a swimmable paradise of Ohia stream in Owerre-Nkworji. Congratulations to the people of Owerre-Nkworji.

  • Feasibility study: As one cannot sheepishly fix what one does not know, feasibility study is a prerequisite when it comes to practically and most-logically restoring the glories and reputations of Ohia Owerre-Nkworji Stream. For this reason, ArtKids Foundation Holland, under the fatherly direction of HRH. Eze Boniface Unogu (Ishigbo I) of Owerre-Nkworji, will soon embark on a copious feasibility study of Ohia stream in other to determine the extent of damages and what it would take to most-naturally restore the glories of Nne’Mmiri Ohia Owerre-Nkworji

  • Report: After the feasibility study of the project, reports on various solutions-oriented strategies shall be compiled and presented to HRH. Eze Boniface Unogu Ishigbo I of Owerre-Nkworji with carbon copies (Cc) sent to Owerre-Nkworji leaders.

  • Project Design: Based on the comprehensive report generated through the feasibility study of Ohia Owerre-Nkworji, project drawing and design shall be made available.

  • Implementation plan: ArtKids Foundation Holland works with a plan and documents. A careful implementation plan is needed to effectively and efficiently carryout Ohia Owerre-Nkworji Restoration Project 2024

  • Budgeting: You must have noticed that; until now, ArtKids Foundation Holland has not discussed the source of funding for the implementation of Ohia Restoration Project. The reason is that; “planning comes before funding” just as feasibility study comes before budgeting. Armed with feasibility study and reports, ArtKids Foundation Holland will produce the budget for the successful implementation of Ohia Owerre-Nkworji Restoration Project 2024.

  • Procurement: Once the budget is ready, ArtKids Foundation Holland will transparently source for funding for the smooth implementation of Ohia Owerre-Nkworji Restoration Project 2024.

  • Workforce: “Owerre-Nkworji For Owerre-Nkworji”. This means that the youths of Owerre-Nkworji villages will be given the opportunity to work and earn from Ohia Owerre-Nkworji Restoration Project.

  • Implementation proper: Having accomplished all project-implementation protocols, it’s now time to practically start fixing Ohia to the joy of Owerre-Nkworji people. Yes, we will fix Ohia to become better than she ever was.

  • Project supervision: As Ohia stream is being restored and beautified, ArtKids Foundation Holland will appoint project supervisors who will be present to supervise, document and report on works in progress.

  • Report: After the completion of Ohia Owerre-Nkworji Restoration Project, comprehensive reports will be handed over to HRH. Eze Boniface Unogu Ishigbo I of Owerre-Nkworji; just the same time the fully restored Mmiri Ohia is handed over to the good people of Owerre-Nkworji.

Hope to have informed you adequately

As a bonafide nwa Owerre-Nkworji, please feel free to ask your relevant questions regarding Ohia Owerre-Nkworji Restoration Project 2024.


Engr. Ezekwesiri Enyinnaya Obioha (Eke UmuEke) MD: ArtKids Foundation Holland [email protected] +2349160602716

HRH Eze Boniface C. Unogu (Ishigbo I)'s Avatar
HRH Eze Boniface C. Unogu (Ishigbo I) (individual)

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