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Job Offerings

At this moment we do not have any specific job offerings defined. However ArtKids Foundation runs solely on the hands of the board of directives, for now this has always been more work then we can finish. For this reason it is difficult for us to focus on our core work flow. However we look forward to expand our team of Stichting ArtKids Foundation with able and experienced hands in the near future. So Feel free to send us a letter of inquiry or contact us for more information concerning information on our site.

You can contact us through our Contact Form, our Facebook Page, by telephone or by Email. Take your time to read our website and get to know our organization workings and code of conduct. Try to describe as clear as possible where you think you can strengthen our team. If you are not that much of a hero in long-distance communication, then feel free to make a personal appointment for a more approachable conversation and a cup of thee or coffee.

We look forward to hearing from you, even though we do not have any clear job offerings.

Kind regards,

The ArtKids Foundation board members


Bas Bijlevelds's Wallpaper Picture
Profielfoto Bas Bijleveld

Bastiaan M. Bijleveld

Chairman & Managing Director: ArtKids Foundation Europe

e: [email protected]
t: +31(0)6 285 86 335

Ezri's Wallpaper Picture
Profielfoto Ezri

Ezri D. Harmusial

Secretary & Director of International Business

e: [email protected]
t: +31(0)6 285 86 335

Profesional Advisors

Ezekwesiri's Wallpaper Picture
Ezekwesiri's Wallpaper Picture

Eng. Ezekwesiri E. Obioha

CEO: ArtKids Foundation

e: [email protected]
t: +234 916 060 2716

Chibundu's Wallpaper
Profielfoto Chibundu

Chibundu Mmeri Obioha

Director: ArtKids Foundation Africa

e: [email protected]
t: +234 (0)81 484 874 27

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