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Allow us to Introduce ourselves? get to know us

ArtKids Foundation is founded by a team of three highly committed individuals who have the development and enlightenment of Africa in Mind. We are the board members of ArtKids Foundation. We would therefore like to introduce ourselves, so you may know who you are supporting, with whom you are doing business, or who you are working for, if you visit our showroom, buying gifts from our shop, or from our door-2-door salesmen or one of the many other forms ArtKids uses to raise funds.

Besides the core team, ArtKids Foundation works with the locals in our respective project locations— especially in Africa.

Hello, who are you? ArtKids welcomes you

Feel free to contact us for an appointment! We welcome you with a cup of tea and a warm conversation. We’ll try and sell u some of our merchandise, because it supports us.


Bas Bijlevelds's Wallpaper Picture
Profielfoto Bas Bijleveld

Bastiaan M. Bijleveld

Chairman & Managing Director: ArtKids Foundation Europe

e: [email protected]
t: +31(0)6 285 86 335

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Profielfoto Ezri

Ezri D. Harmusial

Secretary & Director of International Business

e: [email protected]
t: +31(0)6 285 86 335

Profesional Advisors

Ezekwesiri's Wallpaper Picture
Ezekwesiri's Wallpaper Picture

Eng. Ezekwesiri E. Obioha

CEO: ArtKids Foundation

e: [email protected]
t: +234 916 060 2716

Chibundu's Wallpaper
Profielfoto Chibundu

Chibundu Mmeri Obioha

Director: ArtKids Foundation Africa

e: [email protected]
t: +234 (0)81 484 874 27

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